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New Windows: They Saved My Bank Account

I have to admit that I am very frugal, but I have to be with my large family. When heating and air-conditioning bills were just becoming too much to bear, I finally caved in and bought new windows that I was told were more energy-efficient. They weren't as expensive as I thought they would be, which was great news. I had them installed just before winter began, and I received the lowest heating bill for the month of November that I had received in years! I was so happy that I had those windows installed, especially after being so hesitant to spend the cash on them. I created this blog to help other frugal people like me realize that sometimes spending money on home improvements really does pay off in the long run! I am now looking into new home insulation to save even more cash!


New Windows: They Saved My Bank Account

4 Important Things To Know Before You Shop For Drapes

by Michelle Davidson

Are your windows starting to look drab and boring or out of date? Are you considering getting new window treatments? Before you head to the drapery store to make your purchases, here are some things you might want to know:

You may not have to go into the store: If your life is hectic and you aren't sure when you can make time to get to the drapery store, call and find out if you can get an in-home consultation. These are often free; however, some stores will charge a small fee for the appointment. If available, a representative will come to your home with a book full of samples. This will allow you to see the available fabrics in the lighting where they will be used, and not just the sometimes-harsh lighting that might be in the store. This can result in you being happier overall with your purchase.

Styles can change quickly: Window treatment styles can change nearly as often and as quickly as clothing styles. It can be disappointing to bring new drapes home, only to find out that you've installed the window equivalent of a leisure suit. Talk to drapery store employees about current and upcoming trends, so that you can avoid purchasing something that will be out of date as soon as it's installed. 

Employees can help you with design ideas: Most drapery store employees are happy to help you with redecorating ideas. If you're on the fence about whether you'll be keeping a piece of furniture or tossing it and getting something new, they'll be able to help you make up your mind. Whether you end up getting a new piece, tossing the old one or getting it reupholstered or refinished, you can be secure in the knowledge that everything is stylish and up to date. 

Match your furniture: Pick one piece of furniture that you want to stand out. This can be your sofa or it could be a favorite table lamp. If you're going to the drapery store, bring a picture or a fabric swatch to help you match both styles and colors. The employees at the store will be happy to help you find exactly what you're looking for. By matching a particular piece of furniture, you'll not only help the piece stand out, you'll also have drapes that will best fit in with the overall theme and feeling of your room.

Talk to a company like Frieda Ross Draperies, Blinds and Fabrics for help finding the perfect accessories for your windows.