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New Windows: They Saved My Bank Account

I have to admit that I am very frugal, but I have to be with my large family. When heating and air-conditioning bills were just becoming too much to bear, I finally caved in and bought new windows that I was told were more energy-efficient. They weren't as expensive as I thought they would be, which was great news. I had them installed just before winter began, and I received the lowest heating bill for the month of November that I had received in years! I was so happy that I had those windows installed, especially after being so hesitant to spend the cash on them. I created this blog to help other frugal people like me realize that sometimes spending money on home improvements really does pay off in the long run! I am now looking into new home insulation to save even more cash!


New Windows: They Saved My Bank Account

Four Outdoor Accessories And Features That Look Great With A Log Home

by Michelle Davidson

In contrast to traditional home constructions, log cabins provide an inviting and rustic look at a reasonable price. But since log cabins look so different than other types of homes, it can be difficult to find outdoor accessories and features that look good with them. Especially if you're planning to build a new home in a remote area with a company like Pioneer Log Homes of BC, consider constructing or buying these four objects that look great next to a log cabin.

Stone Driveway

When it's placed next to a log cabin, an asphalt driveway often looks too modern and formal. Although you'll have to pay a little extra money in order to get a driveway made out of solid stone blocks instead of asphalt or gravel, it's worth it to improve the overall look of your property.

While quartz blocks will look very rough and shiny in comparison to your cabin, they're not a bad choice for making your driveway as conspicuous as possible. Ordinary cobblestone is also great if you're on a budget and don't mind driving on a rough surface.

Brick Oven

A brick oven is very compatible with a log cabin because it will give your property a rough and practical look. So if you particularly enjoy making bread and pizza yourself instead of getting all your food from a store, you should at least consider assembling your own brick oven or getting one that's prefabricated.

Metal Fire Pit

Metal fire pits are cheap and ideal for introducing children to fires in a safe and controlled area. They're also useful if you really like cooking marshmallows for dessert after a hearty meal.

For both safety and looks, make sure that you place your fire pit a good distance away from both your log cabin and any surrounding trees.

Wooden Shed

Unless your current or planned log cabin is very large, a wooden shed is invaluable for storing miscellaneous household equipment like lawnmowers and trampolines. If you construct your shed and your log cabin out of the same type of wood, the result will be two structures that will look very good together in a photograph.

Make sure that you put a small plastic mat around your shed's outside border so that bugs will have a harder time getting in.

There are all kinds of options out there to both beautify the area around your log cabin and increase its functionality. As long as everything you get relates at least partially to a log cabin style home, you'll easily be able to make your property an impressive and welcoming place.