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New Windows: They Saved My Bank Account

I have to admit that I am very frugal, but I have to be with my large family. When heating and air-conditioning bills were just becoming too much to bear, I finally caved in and bought new windows that I was told were more energy-efficient. They weren't as expensive as I thought they would be, which was great news. I had them installed just before winter began, and I received the lowest heating bill for the month of November that I had received in years! I was so happy that I had those windows installed, especially after being so hesitant to spend the cash on them. I created this blog to help other frugal people like me realize that sometimes spending money on home improvements really does pay off in the long run! I am now looking into new home insulation to save even more cash!


New Windows: They Saved My Bank Account

Four Repairs And Improvements You Will Want To Do Before Replacing Windows

by Michelle Davidson

If you are ready to replace the windows in your home, you may want to do some improvements first. Using replacement windows may require repairs to existing casing. You may also want to do chores like painting before you have your new windows installed. Doing these things now can save you trouble later. Here are some of the improvements that you will want to get done before you have new windows installed in your home:

1. Adding Insulation And Sealing Casing Around Windows

The casing around old windows may not have sufficient insulation around it. This is important because it can stop the drafts and energy loss that comes around the window. When you are doing repairs, remove the interior trim of one window to see if there is insulation. If there is no insulation, cut strips of batten and stuff them in between the casing and wood framing.

2. Repairing Wood Damage To Casings For Windows

The casing of windows is an area that gets a lot of wear from rain and weather. This can cause rot and insects to eat away at the casing.  If the damage is extensive, you may want to consider replacing the entire window. If there is only a small amount of damage, you can use a wood filler to repair the damage before installing the new replacement.

3. Leveling And Checking Window Casings For Squareness

Before new window replacements can be installed, the casing has to be checked to be sure it's level and square. To check for squareness, measure from corner to corner. The measurements from all corners should be the same. Use shims to adjust the window and get it square and level. If the opening is not square and level, your replacement will not fit well.

4. Sanding And Painting Existing Window Casings

Before you install the window replacements, you may want to sand and paint the casings. This will be easier to do now rather than to wait until the new windows are installed. When the new windows are installed, it is possible to get a few dings and scratches. Make sure that you save some of the paint to touch up any problem areas once the new windows have been installed.

Replacing your windows can be a good energy improvement to your home, but there are some things that can be done to help you get ready. You can contact a window repair contractor to get the help you need with getting these improvements and repairs done to your home. Visit a website like http://www.unitedglassaurora.com to learn more.