Resurrect Your Landscaping From Boring To Drop Dead Gorgeous

If you have become complacent with how your yard looks, you may be overlooking the possibility of your home lacking curb appeal. The exterior of properties is just as important as the interior, and a beautiful landscape does not have to take a lot of creativity and work on your part. There are a few things that you can do to make your landscape more appealing, and if you lack the time or interest in tackling it yourself, a landscape company can be used as a resource. The following represent some actions that can be taken to improve the appearance of your property in a short amount of time. 

Correct brown spots under trees.

Some people do not understand why their lawns have cumbersome brown spots located beneath trees. Perhaps you have tried things such as watering the grass in the area, but the grass underneath trees on your property may still appear drab. This issue may be the result of several factors, but it is often the result of trees soaking up nutrients in the soil via their roots. If the problem is related to tree roots, then you can improve the appearance of the affected areas by adding mulch around the base of the tree. The addition of a stone wall or a stone base around the mulch can add further aesthetic appeal. 

Excavate trees as needed. 

Your home is likely a beautiful one, but if it is hard to see your home from a distance, then it is possible that you and your family are the only ones aware of your home’s beauty. Having too many trees on your property can obstruct the view of your home from the street. Keep in mind that old or sick trees may pose more problems such as potentially falling and causing property damage or injuries. Dense trees and other types of tall vegetation may also interfere with the amount of sunlight that reaches your property. 

Plant and fertilize problematic areas as needed. 

If you do not have any flowers around your walkway, consider adding some. Ensure that you select the best flowers according to your geographical location. A landscaping company can help you determine this if you are unsure. Planting shrubberies around the front of your home can also add visual appeal. Fertilizing your lawn is the best option for ensuring that your lawn has the nutrients needed to encourage your grass to grow. You might also benefit from consulting with a landscaper like about planting grass or investing in artificial grass if you do not like the appearance of your existing grass. 

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