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New Windows: They Saved My Bank Account

I have to admit that I am very frugal, but I have to be with my large family. When heating and air-conditioning bills were just becoming too much to bear, I finally caved in and bought new windows that I was told were more energy-efficient. They weren't as expensive as I thought they would be, which was great news. I had them installed just before winter began, and I received the lowest heating bill for the month of November that I had received in years! I was so happy that I had those windows installed, especially after being so hesitant to spend the cash on them. I created this blog to help other frugal people like me realize that sometimes spending money on home improvements really does pay off in the long run! I am now looking into new home insulation to save even more cash!


New Windows: They Saved My Bank Account

Choosing Window Blinds For Your Home: Factors To Consider

by Michelle Davidson

When you decide that it is time to change up the window treatments in your home, you know that there are numerous choices available to you when you select you new window treatments. If you decide that you want to install window blinds, what you may not realize is that not all window blinds are created equal. There are several factors that you will need to consider when selecting the right window blinds for you and your home. Get to know more about these different factors and be sure that the window blinds you choose are the right style and look for your home redesign.

The Window Blind Mounting Choice

There are different options available to you in the way that you mount your window blinds. Essentially, the term mounting means where on your window frame you attach the headrail and supports that hold your blinds in place.

Window blind mounts can come in three different designs. The first is inside mount blinds. Inside mounting means that the headrail is on the inside of the window frame. The headrail can and likely will still protrude from the plane of the window frame though. The blinds fit inside the frame of the window. Many people opt for this design because of the aesthetic appeal and the fact that additional window treatments like curtains can be added on top of them.

Flush blinds are the second type of window blind mounting. It is similar to inside mount blinds but the plane of the headrail and the blinds themselves are flush to the window frame (meaning everything lays flat).

And finally, there are exterior mount window blinds. The headrail and supports are attached just outside of the window frame. This blind style provides more protection from light but may be less aesthetically appealing than the other two options.

Window Blind Materials

Of course, once you choose the mount style for your window blinds, you need to choose the right window blind materials for your window treatments. The two most popular blind materials are wood and aluminum.

Aluminum blinds are perhaps the most commonly used window blinds because they are the least expensive type of window blinds. These metal blinds are lighter weight than wood blinds and have the additional advantage of being waterproof. Of course, they have fewer options as far as colors and have less of an aesthetic appeal than wood blinds.

Wood blinds have a classic and rustic look and appeal. You can choose many different types of wood and can choose natural wood grain for the color or you can stain or paint them to change up the look. Wood blinds are also better insulators than aluminum blinds and block more light. However, they may require more maintenance and can warp from sun and moisture exposure.

Now that you know a few of the factors to consider when choosing your window blinds, you can select the options that work best for you and get your blinds installed as soon as possible. Look for inspiration online, such as at http://www.sylvansdrapesandblinds.com.