3 Reasons To Consider Installing Artificial Grass In Your Yard

When you think about artificial turf, images of football fields probably come to mind. But did you know it’s possible to install artificial grass right on your own property? Artificial grass is growing in popularity with homeowners but not always for the same reason. Artificial grass can provide a variety of benefits that you might not have previously considered. Here are three reasons why you might want to give artificial grass a try.

Ease of Maintenance

Cutting the grass is just accepted as part of the regular property maintenance routine for many homeowners. But there are a variety of reasons why it might no longer be a good idea to continue blocking out two to three hours every week to keep your lawn looking great. If you have children or are about to start a family, time is a very precious commodity. If you are growing older, you might soon reach a state where you can no longer cut the grass with the same amount of ease that you did when your body was younger. Artificial grass requires very little ongoing maintenance, which can free you up for other endeavors or save you from putting extra strain on your aging body.

Friendly to the Environment

 Homes with artificial turf in their yard have a lower environmental footprint than those that use natural grass. For example, every time you start up the lawn mower to cut your natural grass, you are letting out carbon emissions into the air. If you live in an area of the country that is prone to drought, you might sometimes be put under a water restriction. In this situation, using a hose to water your lawn might be frowned upon. Natural grass that is treated with chemicals may also create some pollution due to water runoff into drains. Artificial turf has none of these issues.

Let the Kids (and Dogs) Play

If you have young kids who are going to be running around outside a lot in the years to come, there may be some concern about potential damage that could be caused to the yard. Too much horseplay in one area could lead to bald spots in your yard if you’re not careful. Artificial turf is much more durable and will be able to withstand the playtime onslaught. Artificial turf can also be helpful if you have a dog or two at home. With fake grass, there is no mud to be dug up and no dirt to be tracked back inside the house.

Artificial grass is easier to maintain and potentially friendlier to the environment than managing natural grass. Artificial grass will also allow your children and pets to go for a romp outside without you have to worry so much about potential damage. For more tips, check with a company like Alpine Rock and Block.

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