Four Reasons to Leave Key Cutting to the Professionals

You can buy key cutting tools online and even cheap machines that promise to copy keys for you. However, in most cases, if you want accurate, well cut keys that really work, you need to turn to a locksmith. These professionals have the tools, training and expertise to cut keys properly every time.

Here are four of the reasons you don’t want to cut your own keys and risk making a poor copy:

1. Poorly cut keys may not work.

Locks are relatively complicated. When you stick a key in a lock, the bumps on the key align with a series of pins in the lock. The pins must be properly engaged or the cylinder inside the lock won’t be able to turn. If the bumps on your key are improperly shaped or have rough edges, it may not hit the correct drivers, and the lock will not open.

2. Poorly cut keys risk getting stuck.

Once inside a lock, a poorly cut key may easily get stuck. If a high curve on the key gets lodged in a small space inside the lock, it may prove nearly impossible to pull the key out of the lock. At that point, you may need to turn to a professional locksmith to remove it.

3. Poorly cut keys may damage locks.

Whether it gets stuck or not, a poorly cut key may damage the lock. As metal hits metal inside the lock, the key may scratch or start to wear down some of the metal inside the lock. If the lock’s key pins or driver pins are damaged, the lock may stop working. Depending on the position the lock is in when it breaks, it may be stuck either in the engaged or unengaged position, neither of which is ideal permanently.

4. Poorly cut keys may cause issues with your car.

In addition to all of the potential issues you can have with poorly cut keys and locks in your home, you can also have issues with poorly cut keys and car ignitions. When you put a key in a car’s ignition, it turns the ignition cylinder which in turn engages the ignition switch and the starter. If the key is not properly engaged in the cylinder, it may not hit the switch correctly, and as a result, your car may not function properly.

Want to learn more about why key cutting is best left to the pros? Look for key cutting services in your area.

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Helpful Information About Repairing A Damaged Residential Bay Window

Have you noticed that the bay window in your house has begun to sag and has a crack in one of the glass panes? Rather than investing in a new bay window, you might be able to get a few repairs done to bring the one that you have back to a good condition. Take a look at this article to discover a few things that can be done to repair your damaged bay window so you can avoid spending money on getting a new one.

1. Lifting the Window

The first step to repairing your damaged bay window is to lift it back up to the right level. If you want to attempt lifting the window up on your own, you will need at least two hydraulic jacks. The jacks can probably be rented and industrial equipment store if you don’t want to purchase your own. Place a jack under each side of the bay window and use them to carefully lift it up. After the window is up to the right level, install structural brackets at the top of each side of the window to keep it in place. Do not remove the jacks until the brackets are securely in place.

2. Repairing Damaged Wood

The next step to bringing your bay window back to a good condition is to repair any areas of wood that is damaged, such as small holes or cracks. If you leave damaged wood on your lifted bay window, it will only lead to you needing untimely repairs. Hire a professional to repair holes and cracks with new wood. He or she will likely only have to place new wood inside of the holes and cracks to for stabilization of the frame as a whole. If there is severe damage to the wood, you might need a new frame installed altogether. 

3. Getting Rid of Cracks

When cracks develop in a glass pane, it does not necessarily mean that you need new glass installed. A professional glass repair specialist should be able to repair the crack to the point of you not being able to notice that it was ever there. However, the ability to repair a cracked glass pane will depend on the severity of the crack. If the crack is too long and deep, you might need to replace the glass pane. Get in touch with a glass specialist to find out if your damaged bay window can be repaired or not.  

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