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New Windows: They Saved My Bank Account

I have to admit that I am very frugal, but I have to be with my large family. When heating and air-conditioning bills were just becoming too much to bear, I finally caved in and bought new windows that I was told were more energy-efficient. They weren't as expensive as I thought they would be, which was great news. I had them installed just before winter began, and I received the lowest heating bill for the month of November that I had received in years! I was so happy that I had those windows installed, especially after being so hesitant to spend the cash on them. I created this blog to help other frugal people like me realize that sometimes spending money on home improvements really does pay off in the long run! I am now looking into new home insulation to save even more cash!


New Windows: They Saved My Bank Account

Need To Conserve Water? 3 Ways To Adjust Your Newly Installed Sprinkler System

by Michelle Davidson

Getting sprinklers installed in your yard is a fantastic way to ensure that your yard is kept healthy and green, along with helping manage your water usage. If you find yourself wanting to use even less water, it's a good idea for you to look into what you can do to adjust your sprinkler system and make it more efficient. 

Make Sure the Sprinklers Are Positioned Correctly

One way that homeowners and renters alike waste water is by having the sprinklers positioned in the wrong way. Taking a look at your sprinklers when they're turned on and paying attention to which direction the water is being shot can help you determine if any changes need to be made.

By adjusting the sprinklers as you see fit, you can make sure that your sprinklers aren't shooting water at a wall or fence or onto the pavement and being wasted. This means every drop of water is being used for your landscaping.

Get the Sprinklers Automated

Many people have sprinklers installed in their yard, but still choose to turn them on and off manually. While you may be used to this method, you're much better off setting it up to be automated. The biggest benefit that comes with having your sprinklers on an automatic system is being able to adjust the time that they turn on.

Your yard will be able to soak up the water and use it much more efficiently when you have them turn on in the early morning. This is because having sprinklers working during the day can lead to the water evaporating and it be a problem for using the water to the best of its ability.

Avoid Using Sprinklers During the Rainy Season

When it's raining outdoors, you really don't need to be using your sprinklers as often as you use to. While you'll need to make adjustments to the automatic sprinkler timer, you'll be able to take advantage of the natural rainfall and won't have any issues with the water being wasted. Taking a look at the future weather forecast can help give you a good idea of what kind of rainfall to expect and whether you need to make any adjustments to your sprinklers.

After getting a sprinkler system installed in your yard, you can still make a few adjustments so that they work as best as they can. This will help lead to a decrease in your water usage and make it much easier to keep your lawn vibrant at a lower cost.