What Can Go Wrong With Your Irrigation System?

Installing a sprinkler system at your home is more complicated than simply placing them where your lawn needs water. You also have to factor in the various water needs of your greenery and the irrigation system. Poor planning can lead to a host of mistakes that could adversely impact your lawn. To help you create the right watering system for your yard, here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Failing to Research Greenery

The various types of greenery throughout your yard have various watering needs. For instance, shrubs tend to have larger roots than grass, which results in the shrubs needing more water. Over-watering your lawn can lead to shallow roots and eventually lead to soil compaction. Soil compaction is one of the most common causes of dying trees.

To avoid these issues, take the time to research the watering needs for the various greenery. Once you know what is needed, you can start to plan your irrigation system.

Installing the System and Not Reassessing It

During your research of the watering needs of your greenery, you need to pay close attention to how those needs change throughout the year. You cannot simply install your irrigation system and forget it for the rest of the year. As the seasons change, watering needs also change.

For instance, in the summertime or during drier weather, your grass might require more water. However, in cooler months, you can reduce the amount of water that is supplied. Take the time to reassess your watering needs before seasonal changes occur.

Operating the System at the Wrong Times

When you water your lawn is just as important as how much water you supply to it. Although you might be inclined to set the system to operate during the daylight hours, especially during the warmer months, it could cause considerable damage to your lawn.

For instance, if you water your lawn during the day throughout the summer, it could potentially evaporate before the greenery gets the water needed. However, if the lawn is watered early in the morning or late in the evening, the water will have time to soak into the ground and provide the nourishment that your lawn needs.

There are other mistakes that could potentially lead to problems with your irrigation system. Consult with a landscaper or other professional to identify and avoid those mistakes and create the ideal irrigation system that works best for your lawn. You can also click for more info.