Travel Pillows Galore: Examples And Why They Are A Hot Gift This Year

Travel pillows are perfect for sleepy travelers who are not driving. There are so many different ones to choose from, too. The following examples will give you some ideas on the many different travel pillows you can buy and why they are such a hot gift this year.

The U-neck Pillow

This is the most common shape for travel pillow. It is based on the idea that it will support your ten- to fourteen-pound head (child to adult) and your neck while traveling and falling asleep. Besides the typical pillow stuffing, you can buy the U-neck pillow stuffed with sobakawa, made from bamboo, filled with cooling gel memory foam for the hot and sweaty traveler, and made with plush memory foam so that your travel pillow quickly regains its full shape once removed. This pillow is compact and lightweight, which makes it acceptable on planes, trains, and your own automobile.

The Ostrich Pillow

Want to completely submerge your head into a nice dark place (i.e., like an ostrich) to sleep? That is the general idea behind this very popular travel pillow. It encases your head with plush softness, leaving only an opening for your nose and mouth so that you can breath. Some ostrich pillows also have holes above the head where your hands can rest and help cradle your head when you lean over on a table or on the back of your chair when you sit sideways. The total darkness and muffled sound provides plenty of tranquility for the overtired traveler.

The Head Wreath Style Pillow

This type of pillow encircles your head like a wreath. (The Space Sleeper Pillow TMJ Anti-Wrinkle Pillow is one such example, if you find that you cannot visualize this type of pillow in your mind.) The back of this pillow extends down the back of your neck to support your neck, while leaving most of your face and ears exposed during your travels. The ring-around-your-head section acts as a comfy bumper for your head so that it does not matter which way your head droops when you nod off. The crown of your head is protected.

The Hip Roll Pillow

This type of travel pillow is modeled after the hip roll pillows made for sofas and love seats, except that these are shorter and rounder in girth. Tucked between your head and shoulder and bolstered by the neighboring window or wall of the plane, you feel as though you are sleeping on your side. All of these pillows make traveling as a passenger better because you arrive at your destination refreshed and not exhausted.