Travel Pillows Galore: Examples And Why They Are A Hot Gift This Year

Travel pillows are perfect for sleepy travelers who are not driving. There are so many different ones to choose from, too. The following examples will give you some ideas on the many different travel pillows you can buy and why they are such a hot gift this year.

The U-neck Pillow

This is the most common shape for travel pillow. It is based on the idea that it will support your ten- to fourteen-pound head (child to adult) and your neck while traveling and falling asleep. Besides the typical pillow stuffing, you can buy the U-neck pillow stuffed with sobakawa, made from bamboo, filled with cooling gel memory foam for the hot and sweaty traveler, and made with plush memory foam so that your travel pillow quickly regains its full shape once removed. This pillow is compact and lightweight, which makes it acceptable on planes, trains, and your own automobile.

The Ostrich Pillow

Want to completely submerge your head into a nice dark place (i.e., like an ostrich) to sleep? That is the general idea behind this very popular travel pillow. It encases your head with plush softness, leaving only an opening for your nose and mouth so that you can breath. Some ostrich pillows also have holes above the head where your hands can rest and help cradle your head when you lean over on a table or on the back of your chair when you sit sideways. The total darkness and muffled sound provides plenty of tranquility for the overtired traveler.

The Head Wreath Style Pillow

This type of pillow encircles your head like a wreath. (The Space Sleeper Pillow TMJ Anti-Wrinkle Pillow is one such example, if you find that you cannot visualize this type of pillow in your mind.) The back of this pillow extends down the back of your neck to support your neck, while leaving most of your face and ears exposed during your travels. The ring-around-your-head section acts as a comfy bumper for your head so that it does not matter which way your head droops when you nod off. The crown of your head is protected.

The Hip Roll Pillow

This type of travel pillow is modeled after the hip roll pillows made for sofas and love seats, except that these are shorter and rounder in girth. Tucked between your head and shoulder and bolstered by the neighboring window or wall of the plane, you feel as though you are sleeping on your side. All of these pillows make traveling as a passenger better because you arrive at your destination refreshed and not exhausted.

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What Can Go Wrong With Your Irrigation System?

Installing a sprinkler system at your home is more complicated than simply placing them where your lawn needs water. You also have to factor in the various water needs of your greenery and the irrigation system. Poor planning can lead to a host of mistakes that could adversely impact your lawn. To help you create the right watering system for your yard, here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Failing to Research Greenery

The various types of greenery throughout your yard have various watering needs. For instance, shrubs tend to have larger roots than grass, which results in the shrubs needing more water. Over-watering your lawn can lead to shallow roots and eventually lead to soil compaction. Soil compaction is one of the most common causes of dying trees.

To avoid these issues, take the time to research the watering needs for the various greenery. Once you know what is needed, you can start to plan your irrigation system.

Installing the System and Not Reassessing It

During your research of the watering needs of your greenery, you need to pay close attention to how those needs change throughout the year. You cannot simply install your irrigation system and forget it for the rest of the year. As the seasons change, watering needs also change.

For instance, in the summertime or during drier weather, your grass might require more water. However, in cooler months, you can reduce the amount of water that is supplied. Take the time to reassess your watering needs before seasonal changes occur.

Operating the System at the Wrong Times

When you water your lawn is just as important as how much water you supply to it. Although you might be inclined to set the system to operate during the daylight hours, especially during the warmer months, it could cause considerable damage to your lawn.

For instance, if you water your lawn during the day throughout the summer, it could potentially evaporate before the greenery gets the water needed. However, if the lawn is watered early in the morning or late in the evening, the water will have time to soak into the ground and provide the nourishment that your lawn needs.

There are other mistakes that could potentially lead to problems with your irrigation system. Consult with a landscaper or other professional to identify and avoid those mistakes and create the ideal irrigation system that works best for your lawn. You can also click for more info.

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3 Ideas For Affordable Landscaping Paths That Blend Into Their Natural Surroundings

If you want to have landscaping paths that blend into the natural surroundings, there are many different choices of materials. This can include things like natural stones, brick paves with texture and bark. Mulch can even be a good natural ground cover for garden paths around your home. Materials for these projects can be expensive, but there are affordable options like precast stone and synthetic pavers:

1. Bark, Mulch, And Natural Ground Covers For Your Paths

Natural materials like bark and mulch can be a great solution for your paths. If you have had a tree removed or pruned, you can  chip this material for this purpose. Another option is to check with the local waste management service to see if they have free mulch available. If you do use these materials, it is a good idea to treat them regularly for insects. You may also have to replace the material as it deteriorates naturally over time.

2. A More Affordable Solution With Precast Stone Pavers

A more affordable solution that you may want to consider for the look of stone is precast stone pavers. These materials have a natural look and come in a variety of different sizes and colors. In addition to pavers, you can talk with the dealer about synthetic stones for some of the features in your garden to match your new paths. Precast stone can also be used as a landscaping cover in areas where grass or plants do not grow well. If there are natural stone features in your landscaping, look for a precast paver with a color that closely matches the existing natural stone.

3. Give Your Paths A Natural Look With Synthetic Pavers And Lumber Materials

Your paths can also have a natural look using synthetic pavers. These materials are made from recycled plastics and rubber. Synthetic pavers can be an affordable option to other materials and a good solution for other areas like patios. In addition to pavers, composite lumber can also be a good choice for materials that blend in naturally with the surroundings. You may want to choose a material with a color and style that match trees and plants in your landscaping. If you use one of the composite lumber paver systems, it will also be able to change the path if you want to later.

There are some of the options that you may want to consider for affordable landscaping paths. If you want to add garden paths to your landscaping that blend in with the natural surroundings, contact a precast stone paver service to help with your project. 

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3 Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Flower Garden

Flower gardens are beautiful during the day time when the sun shines on the space and allows its true beauty to be seen by all. But when the sun goes down, it’s almost impossible to enjoy a flower garden without some lighting put into place. Luckily, there are a variety of interesting landscape lighting options to choose from that will help brighten up the garden and give you an opportunity to enjoy it at night – consider implementing one or more of the following ideas:

Solar Enhancements

Instead of just putting solar lights in the flower garden for extra lighting, consider enhancing them to give your garden a unique look when it gets dark outside. You can wrap shaded insulation film over the solar light covers so the light glows pink, blue, green, or purple when lit up. Try hanging your solar lights from trees, posts, and garden pots to create some extra depth in your overall lighting design. You can even turn them into lamp posts by driving long pieces of PVC or metal pipe into the ground and then hanging the solar lights off the tops of them.

Holiday Lights

A fun way to light up your flower garden is to string colorful holiday lights along the trees, fencing, chairs, and other items that are located within the garden. Your holiday lights will let off a low glow that minimizes glare and enhances relaxation. Because the lights are strung on structures around your garden, you’ll have enough light at night to see what’s in your garden and walk around without having to worry about navigating around lighting fixtures.

Motion Sensors

You can keep your energy bills low and minimize power waste by installing motion sensor lights near your flower garden. Use small lights designed for sheds and garages so they don’t seem like a floodlight and blind you at night when you’re trying to enjoy your garden. These lights come with their own small solar panels that can be set up near the lights once you attach them to a pole in the ground or a tree in the yard, so you don’t have to hook them up to a power source at all. And the lights will stay off at all times unless someone enters the garden to enjoy it.

These lighting ideas are sure to brighten up your flower garden space so that you and your family can enjoy campfires, game night, and other fun times together in the yard when the sun goes down. For more information, go to this web-site.

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Need To Conserve Water? 3 Ways To Adjust Your Newly Installed Sprinkler System

Getting sprinklers installed in your yard is a fantastic way to ensure that your yard is kept healthy and green, along with helping manage your water usage. If you find yourself wanting to use even less water, it’s a good idea for you to look into what you can do to adjust your sprinkler system and make it more efficient. 

Make Sure the Sprinklers Are Positioned Correctly

One way that homeowners and renters alike waste water is by having the sprinklers positioned in the wrong way. Taking a look at your sprinklers when they’re turned on and paying attention to which direction the water is being shot can help you determine if any changes need to be made.

By adjusting the sprinklers as you see fit, you can make sure that your sprinklers aren’t shooting water at a wall or fence or onto the pavement and being wasted. This means every drop of water is being used for your landscaping.

Get the Sprinklers Automated

Many people have sprinklers installed in their yard, but still choose to turn them on and off manually. While you may be used to this method, you’re much better off setting it up to be automated. The biggest benefit that comes with having your sprinklers on an automatic system is being able to adjust the time that they turn on.

Your yard will be able to soak up the water and use it much more efficiently when you have them turn on in the early morning. This is because having sprinklers working during the day can lead to the water evaporating and it be a problem for using the water to the best of its ability.

Avoid Using Sprinklers During the Rainy Season

When it’s raining outdoors, you really don’t need to be using your sprinklers as often as you use to. While you’ll need to make adjustments to the automatic sprinkler timer, you’ll be able to take advantage of the natural rainfall and won’t have any issues with the water being wasted. Taking a look at the future weather forecast can help give you a good idea of what kind of rainfall to expect and whether you need to make any adjustments to your sprinklers.

After getting a sprinkler system installed in your yard, you can still make a few adjustments so that they work as best as they can. This will help lead to a decrease in your water usage and make it much easier to keep your lawn vibrant at a lower cost.

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